During the late spring of 2022 I was contemplating the next steps in my career as after 25 years in the corporate world, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to return following a hiatus that I decided to take while building a home.  Rich LeBrun reached out to me and the timing turned out to be fortuitous as I had not yet accepted any offers with larger financial companies.

Over the next several months, Rich walked me through a process where I explained what I liked and disliked about business, daily tasks, the type of work that I wished to do and various forms of franchise opportunities.  Once a clear set of likes and objectives had been created, I was presented with a large list of possible franchises as well as some information about each including the type of business, the franchise fee, the competitive market and the companies that were selling those franchises.

I worked with Rich as well as the representatives of each of the companies over a 4-5 month period where I investigated each and determined slowly which ones to continue investigating and which to walk away from.  After 6 months, I invested in a franchise and Rich was helpful in providing perspective and information throughout the journey.

Mark Hannon

Rich contacted me to inquire if I was open to look at opportunities in franchising. I had purchased and sold a franchise license in the past and I thought maybe I’m ready to pursue opening a business again.

From the first call we scheduled we had a good conversation.  Rich was very good at providing information and guiding me through the decision of whether I wanted to make franchising an option. During our follow up calls he did a good discovery and really understood what I was looking for.

As we progressed Rich presented several options for due diligence. Even when I wasn’t sold on the first round of options Rich was able to bring a second round of options quickly. I found a solution in the second round and started moving forward. As I moved forward Rich was instrumental in providing me additional resources to help with my due diligence.
Even after I was in the final stages Rich remained engaged to help me secure my franchise option. I highly recommend that anyone who is thinking about franchising connect with Rich. His insight and attention to detail is invaluable.
Nathan Atkins

Working with Rich has been an unexpected gift. It all started with a cold call two years ago. While I, like you, receive several a day, this lady was pleasant, low pressure, and thoughtful, so I accepted her offer to visit with Rich. I knew from my first conversation that Rich is someone different. Rich made it clear, with sincerity, that he was out to serve my interests on my timeframe if I wished, and that if I chose not to speak further, he was fine with it.

Rich and I began a journey that had many twists and turns over two years. Not many people who earn a living through commissions have the patience for a two-year journey, but Rich made it clear that he gets pleasure from serving, and sometimes he even gets paid for it, but that getting paid, clearly, is secondary to service. I came to look forward to our bi-monthly conversations as Rich became more than a broker, as he became a valued member of my support group. His wisdom, patience, and generosity became frequent gifts he offered. Rich knew that if it was meant to be, I would find a good business fit. I’m pleased that I finally found a deal that engaged me, and that Rich finally earned something for his tireless support. While I am now beginning a new part of the journey, and I don’t know where it will lead, I will keep in touch with Rich as he remains a role model for integrity, tenacity, discipline, faith, and generosity.

If you are reading this, consider yourself fortunate to have the opportunity to have a partner like Rich. You will not regret it.

Stuart Sikes
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time and guidance as I went through my exploratory journey of next steps in considering a franchise opportunity.  Although at this time I did decide to go back into the workforce you helped me through some very dark and stressful times for me and my family.  Your transparent and compassionate approach helped keep me going and kept me thinking. I definitely would recommend you to anyone considering a franchise opportunity.  Let’s keep in touch as I will always take with me many of the life lessons you brought to our calls. All the Best!
Greg Steel

Richard LeBrun, with The Franchise Consulting Company connected with me early in April 2020. Those were times of true uncertainty…it was just the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were all learning a new reality. Most people were “forced to work from home”, most to perform their regular job functions, but many others, like me, forced to figure it out what and how to do whatever was necessary to begin a new professional future after losing my job being suddenly laid off as a consequence of it.

Rich explained to me that his goal is to help those in life’s transition, like me, to successfully navigate through the exciting journey of selecting their franchise opportunity to find freedom and true passion in owning our own business. And I believed him…

Then, Rich started to apply with me a very systematic process that allowed him to get to know me better; my long term priorities and goals, my personality, my style, my sweet spots and pain points, and with all of that, together we selected a short list of available franchise opportunities that were the closest match with my persona. His process really works! We shortened the list even further to the four best opportunities for me. He connected me with an executive of each of those businesses and let me go through the discovery process for each of them, checking in with me every week where we discussed my findings, thoughts and doubts, and to help me out, he always was objective and straight forward and constantly provided me with advice, references and materials to read, consult and research to make sure I was able to make intelligent decisions.

Finally, in exactly 8 weeks of having started, I had chosen two out of those last four franchises, that based on the timing required to set them up, don’t interfere with each other. I am excited and busy opening my first new franchise business in September this year and the second one by the beginning of next year.

I am really grateful to Rich and strongly recommend him to anyone who is interested in exploring starting their own new franchise business.

Mauricio and Maria Familiar

In my experience, there are lots of people that you meet in life who claim their core value is to help you succeed. Most have a sales pitch and most disappear after a sale or when the sale fails. So far I can count on one hand those who actually live by this value and I can emphatically say that Rich LeBrun lives by this value.

I met Rich while at a crossroad in my life. His approach was simply to listen, guide me to answer my own questions and to offer up advice from his own experiences. At no point did Rich try to sell me anything. We simply reviewed opportunities and built an understanding of what my life needed. I decided to stay in the corporate world and Rich became a sounding board. Did he disappear no. In fact, we talked more but now on business leadership. When opportunities came along Rich would check-in to seek my advice and we would debate fit. Again, at no point was Rich selling me. He wanted me to be successful knowing that ultimately the key to a long term relationship is to support you to achieve the goals that you desire both today and tomorrow.

If you are at a crossroad in life and want an experienced business professional and expert franchise consultant to talk with, I strongly recommend that you reach out and connect with Rich LeBrun.

Paul Whittleston


I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me while searching for a franchise. The process you use to determine the best match for the individual was wonderful. Your questions were thought-provoking and helped me determine the best match for my skills and interests. You have been so patient as I learned what my interests were and the monetary limits I was comfortable with. I know we had many iterations as I learned more about myself as well as the process of evaluating a franchise.

I value the time you spent with me, the patience you showed me, and the encouragement you gave me.  I couldn’t have done this without you!

Thank you so much!

Stan Gilbreath

Rich was instrumental throughout my discovery process. From the very beginning, Rich provided me with a realistic view of expectations, options and issues that I was about to discover.  He began the process with a very comprehensive assessment of my situation including financial, skill set, experience, family situation, tolerance for risk, and most important helping me determine best options for me that were achievable and made sense.  Having been through the process himself, he was intimately familiar with the emotions and frustrations associated with this endeavor and provided a trusting and what I found to be objective viewpoint to questions, issues and challenges I presented.  I never felt like Rich was selling me; he became more of a trusted advisor who I truly believe was looking out for the best outcome for both me and the prospective franchisor. After my initial assessment, Rich and I reviewed numerous franchise options and determined a select few that provided the best opportunity for success.  He then coordinated my initial introductions and provided ongoing support to vet the merits of each franchise option with how it best met by professional and financial needs. 

For anyone considering buying a franchise, I would absolutely recommend having Rich as your partner for the discovery process. You would be hard challenged to find someone with comparable business world and franchise experience, a solid understanding of the individual franchises available and their often unique skills sets required and providing clarity and hard reality of each franchise.  Rich is a true gentleman who is looking for the what’s in the best interest of both the franchisor and potential franchisee. 

Peter Kaplan

“When I first received Rich’s email targeting ‘executives like you (me) in transition’ I wondered what he knew that I didn’t; fortunately, the answer to this question proved to be a considerable amount, especially in relation to our ultimately successful entry into the world of franchise ownership.

Rich was patient, methodical and, more importantly, a pleasure to talk with as we progressed along the path of what was for me, as corporate warrior of many years standing, a completely new experience. As our conversations moved from exploration into evaluation and eventually through to selection and closing, Rich was great in being able to bounce ideas off in helping us reach a successful and positive conclusion.  His willingness to retain involvement and even take action on matters not necessarily his own responsibility made, for my wife & I, a refreshing change and is a key reason why we are wholeheartedly recommending Rich to anyone interested in exploring the world of franchise ownership.”

Peter & Laura

“I am a stay at home mom with several years of prior work experience in engineering and project management.  My youngest child is going to school next year, and I was looking for an opportunity through which I could utilize my skill set and experience, while still being available for my family.  I didn’t want to spend years building a business from the ground up, so I started exploring franchise businesses.  The idea of opening a franchise was alluring and overwhelming at the same time.  Rich LeBrun clarified and simplified the whole journey of selecting a franchise.  We had several phone conversations about my background and what I truly wanted in terms of desired income, time commitment, and investment.  Rich worked with me to find an opportunity that worked for me and my family.  Rich also provided candid feedback.  He was very helpful in answering any questions and working through uncertainties with me.  I consider Rich a great resource, and I would recommend him to anybody at a career crossroads or in transition.”

Kelli Gadient

“Rich contacted me with an offer of help exploring the world of franchises at just the right time. My job had recently been eliminated and I was sure that another corporate gig was not for me and that a business of my own through franchising was next but I had little idea how to proceed. Rich led me through an exploration process that helped refine my personal goals and what I really wanted out of a franchise business opportunity. With that clarity, I explored 4 options — 2 in great depth– and ended up choosing one that best met my needs and goals. Throughout the process, Rich was knowledgeable and supportive and very clearly had my best interests in mind. He is a true professional and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to take on a new journey through franchising. His coaching makes a complicated process doable!”

Elizabeth McCarty

“I had been contacted by Rich while I was thinking about my professional life re-invention. Looking for a job at 57 for a while … with very little corporate new opportunities

From the get-go, I felt a genuine conversation with him; like a good coach.  From the beginning, Rich came with concrete solutions.

He understood my expectations. His propositions were smart and cutting edge. After gauging various options, I finally became a distributor for the Automotive industry.

Very excited about my new game plan and financial perspective. I highly recommend chatting or exchanging with Rich. It is like switching headlights on your personal path.”

Bernard Crochon

“I began looking into owning my own franchise 3 years ago and I could not have made it happen without the guidance and expertise of Rich LeBrun. He was able to remain patient with me and never made me feel rushed. He made it clear that I needed to find what was right for me at the right time. Rich is a wonderful person, so full of franchise industry knowledge, and so willing to get me through the difficult task of finding the right franchise.”

Ray Valdez