There is a new model in the work force today that was established after the 2008 recession. The model was created to address the economic hardship brought on by the recession. The model was developed to initiate the same level of output in America with 7 million less workers. This meant that those who retained their positions after mass layoffs were to increase output by upwards of 150%.


This was an acceptable model for those employed and who feared they would lose their job if they objected. Who doesn’t want to be a team player right?


In order to balance this strenuous work environment, a larger amount of resources was invested in technology and robotic solutions.


As years passed and the recession was behind us, corporations were now used to new better bottom lines and running on this new model of fewer employees coupled with more technology. Furthermore, the new technology allowed for corporations to flatten out their organizations and reduce the amount of middle to upper-level management jobs that were once needed to carry the vision throughout the ranks.


These jobs will not be replaced.


This has left middle to upper management in one of two camps. Either being unemployed or employed but working under extremely stressful conditions.


In either case, there is now a need for this executive to learn how to better compete in the market place, and evaluate all of their career options and well as hidden opportunities they may not have given any thought too.


We, at LeBrun Advisory Group, are here to help our clients navigate through this new work model and design a better life for themselves going forward.


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Executives in Transition survey results | Rich LeBrun