Do you invite people to welcome each challenge? | Rich LeBrun

“Welcome challenging times as opportunities to trust me.” Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling. To welcome means to invite in, make comfortable, giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted. In leading someone, are these the instructions you would give? Do you invite people to welcome each challenge?


How do you establish trust among those you lead without encouraging them to step into the next challenge before them and then be there to guide them through it?


If each time a challenge came and the person you are trying to grow is seized with fear, then the pace at which you can teach and develop them slows down and everything else that is connected to the outcome of the challenge slows down as well. Even though you have the power, experience, and ability to see them through this challenge, it is of little value if there’s no trust. If the leader is not willing — or is unable — to give leadership away, then the chain of growth within an organization, family, military or even God’s plan for this planet will cease to grow. For a follower to transition from fear and doubt to truly welcoming challenges, the success ratio of trust in the leader must have to increase with each and every challenge. Every time trust is broken, people draw away from welcoming the next challenge.


Humans have a hard time with trust, and there’s an inevitable shortfall of our natural being. A leader’s success in gaining another person’s trust is directly proportional to the leader’s ability and experience to have done the same with a person who led him. This is true everywhere except with God, for God is the last and final link in the chain of trust. If you begin by trusting him 100 percent, then the ripple effect among those you are attempting to lead has a better chance of succeeding. Doubt and trust each can be spread with equal speed — it depends on the leader’s choice. Each step you take toward or away from God will influence the next person you come in contact with.


If you’re not welcoming challenges before you, how can you expect the same of your followers?