If not now, when? | Rich LeBrun, The Franchise Consulting Company

With the recent tax credit bill being passed, unemployment at a 17 year low, the Dow at a record high and GDP growth skyrocketing one must ask themselves, is this the best time in decades to get into my own business?


If not now, when?


There are risks with any everything in life. The question is when is the best time to minimize those risks and be adventurous.


The pendulum has swung in the direction of higher risks attributed to working in corporate America over that of owning your own business. (What has this been the 3rd or 4th merger you have gone through?)


The average job now lasts less than 3 years. (Don’t believe me, just stroll through LinkedIn for an hour and look at each person’s resumes).


Even in a great economy as we see today Corporations are still shedding upper management in order to flatten out their organizations and manage costs. I think the new cost-cutting mindset from the 2008 recession has captured the minds of CEOs for years to come.


So, when is the best time to secure your future?


If not now, when?


What is it that you need to see in the economy that will convince you that now is the very best time.


It’s fair to say that we will see a strong economy for at least another 5 years through the next presidential election.


So now is the time to get into a business, build your platform and take advantage of consumer confidence.


What should we all have learned from the last recession?


Save more money!


So, build your business by building a strong foundation while the economy is good, yet store away for when the next recession comes.


This economic theory dates to biblical times.  Remember when Joseph told the people to store up in times of harvest so they would be prepared for the times of famine?


So, if not now, when?


Now is the time!


If you don’t believe me look at your retirement account which is made up of stocks in major corporations. If those stocks have gone up it means those companies are doing great.


This would be the same for you and your own company.


Don’t want to go it alone and want someone to share some of the risks?


Great thinking!


The franchise model is your answer.


They have taken great strides to minimize your risk. They have done the heavy lifting, weathered the storms, and built a proven concept.


What is left is you!  For you to add your experience, passion, and perseverance to make your business the best one in their system.


In franchising, it is said, “You are in business for yourself but not by yourself”.


Now is the time.


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