Do not read this | Rich LeBrun, Franchise Consultant

Do not read this…

If you don’t have the desire to own your own business do not read this.

If you don’t trust yourself to make major decisions then don’t read this.

If you are not willing to invest in yourself then do not read this.

If you won’t take advice on how to run a successful business do not read this.

If you don’t have the time to take control of your future then do not read this.

Most people find themselves in their quiet time dreaming about owning their own business someday. It’s like the unspoken American dream of owning your first home,

Yet for many that thought will disappear as fast as it came to mind.

Then there are those who take a few steps to explore the idea further yet at the first thought of risk they turn and run away.

That leaves those who are willing to take the time, have the resources and trust their decision-making process to fully investigate their options and what it takes to own their own business.


They are comfortable with learning from the experts and then weighing the facts and letting the facts guide them to their decision.

They are aware of the risks and are able to discern if they are worth pursuing or not.

We find that when our clients are not willing to invest the time to make proper decisions then one of two things will happen. Either they will walk away too soon without all the facts or they will plunge ahead and purchase a business without knowing what it takes to be successful and typically regret their decision later down the road.

Owning a franchise is NOT for everyone. There are key indicators that are readily available to determine if you are the right candidate or not.


Buying a franchise is truly a science, there are hundreds of verifiable data points that a serious buyer can explore before making a decision to move forward or not.

There are no timelines to be pressured to buy.


This is a methodical process whereby the buyer and seller get a chance to learn about one another and determine if both parties are a right fit.


There is a saying in the franchise industry “You are in business for yourself but now by yourself”.


What most people fail to understand, is that if a franchise fails, it’s the name of the franchise that is picked up in the media, not the owners’ name. Why is this important?  It is the key to the motivation behind each franchisor to partner with their franchisees to ensure they are doing everything to succeed.


What this does is create a dynamic relationship between the franchisor, the franchisee and all the other owners in the franchise system to help one another succeed. For when one wins they all win!


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